The Foolproof Ways To Strike The Deal On The First Business Meeting


 As a new startup business person, you may be learning everything from scratch. You may still be picking the ropes by observing others and sometimes even by making mistakes. That said, there are times when you cannot afford to make any mistake. It refers to the first meeting with your potential partner or client. 

Imagine a scenario where you enter the spot for the meeting later than your guest client. You are sweaty, with hair careless and messy, and you are in short of breath. It is certainly not the right way to meet new people. Why? It is because, by the time you take your seat, the guest or the person on the other side has already finished judging you mentally. 

Are there a few cardinal sins to avoid while coming for the first meeting? Yes, there are! Also, we shall discuss the key points to take care of while going on a first business meeting. 


Punctuality Works Every Single Time

Undoubtedly, everyone loves to work with a person who is on time. If possible, arrive a few minutes early. That would give you time to compose yourself, check yourself in the mirror, and spray the mouth freshener ahead of the meeting. You might want to set your hair, find the best table for your guest if you have selected a restaurant, or even set the table at your office right. Such little things also make a big difference in striking the first deal in the meeting. 

Relax Before the Meeting 

This critical aspect will help you compose your thoughts. You might not know where to begin if you are in the middle of a meeting, and you may want to go back to work too. So, Use that five-minute early time to sit and relax. Play a game on your phone at, read a few motivational quotes, or listen to your favorite track or some instrumentals. It will calm you down as you note down the agenda you have in mind for the discussion. 

Dress Right 

Easier said than done, you say? Well, it is not that difficult. Do not have to burn a hole in your pocket, but wearing neatly ironed clothes would work. Also, ensure the clothes are tailored to fit you right and modestly. You do not have to go for branded clothes alone. If you have always been wearing formal suits, make sure it looks fresh, and no frays are showing up around the sleeves or the collar. It gives a dull and old look.  

If you are a woman, make sure to keep it formal. If you like wearing formal shirts and pants, make sure to match your shoes with them. It should not be a simple flip-flop pair. Keep the accessories and jewelry less. There should not be too many loud jewelry pieces. Just ensure it keeps you presentable and does not reveal too much skin if you are a woman.

Carry Smart Accessories 

No, we do not mean just the smartphone or iPad. How you carry it to the first business meeting also speaks a lot about you. Don’t forget to carry a handy notepad and a decent pen. Do stay away from those cheap use and throw pens and stationery. Make sure not to have pens that leak ink to avoid any massacre. You would not want the ink to spill on your client’s fingers too while he signs the deal.

Go for stylish and smart bags to carry the papers or brochures. There should not be any messy overloaded or stuffed briefcase in the picture. Do not come with a shabby bag, and stay away from any polythene bag anywhere. The bag you carry should not be a shoppers’ bag, and it would be better if you limit the number of loose pages in it. 

Smile Pleasantly 

The best you can do to win someone’s heart for the first time would be by smiling. It should come from the heart and not a fake one. It would help them look forward to meeting you the next time too. To ensure your smile pleasantly, take those few minutes to look at yourself in a mirror and bring yourself to smile, thinking positively. 

Be Casual and Friendly 

If it is a business meeting, it need not be a stifling experience for both. Ask the party to sit down after exchanging pleasantries, make them comfortable, and then offer them a drink (non-alcoholic, preferably). Such a genial behavior would take their mind on a pleasant zone and make them open up to you. If this is the first time you are meeting them directly after talking to them over the phone, you might ask them to introduce themselves. Then encourage them and appreciate their success when they speak of any. It leads them to be happy and look forward to talking to you.

Give them a Chance to Talk 

They may want to know about your business and everything else. You may begin with a casual talk or throw in some casual, friendly talks too. You have to draw the line firmly on what all you can discuss. They are not your club-mates, and they are here to do business with you. You may also refrain from bragging about yourself too much. Give them a chance to speak and ask you anything they want. 

Relax and Show Confidence 

If you are representing your company, you would know about it inside out. You will therefore have enough conviction about your products. So, you can display that confidently, and yet, do not be over –tensed.

People often mess up a meeting by being too nervous or too confident. You may not realize it, but a seasoned business person can see these through visible signs. So, take care of these, and you shall make that business deal work with the best first impression. Even a single drop of confidence is sure to make you succeed in the meeting and turn it in your favour.