The Spring Which Comes, makes the bears wake up at Wall Street

After the cold winter, the bears wake up, and Wall Street knows what that means...

Everything went wrong today, a global black Tuesday.

Forgetting the 13.000 basic points.

The optimistic investors who started the "rally" on january, left it with the profits earned until  march.

Now maybe the "selling option" will become popular again at wall street, and the Dow Jones, will have to forget the 13.000 points.

At least, until june.

The worst day of 2012 at Wall Street.

Losses amounted: 1,57%

Alcoa (-4.05%) was the worst of the trading day in the Dow Jones,
following by Caterpillar (-3,78%), Hewlett Packard (-3,36%) and Bank of America (-3,26%)

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