Eurostat.- Record levels for trade in goods between EU27 and Russia in 2012


Following a sharp fall in 2009, EU27 international trade in goods with Russia has grown strongly since then to reach record levels in 2012. After falling from 105 billion euro in 2008 to 66 bn in 2009, EU27 exports to Russia have risen continuously to a peak of 123 bn in 2012. Imports followed the same pattern: a fall from 178 bn in 2008 to 118 bn in 2009, then continuous growth to a record level of 213 bn in 2012. As a result, the EU27 trade deficit with Russia rose from 52 bn in 2009 to 90 bn in 2012. The deficit in 2012 is primarily due to EU27 imports of energy from Russia (163 bn), partially offset by EU27 exports of manufactured goods (108 bn). In 2012, Russia was the EU27's third most important trading partner after the USA and China, accounting for 7% of EU27 exports and 12% of EU27 imports.

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